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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2011-06-21 22:16:18
Subject: The Job

Our family, minus Hannah, had a great time with old friends at the usual locale, The Baugh House, last night. Some of the guests had not seen each other in years and it is always great to get His people together for a reunion.

At one point I was asked if I liked living in Honduras. I gladly answered in the affirmative with a follow up of "it's my speed" (meaning, I am slow).

There was something I held back though, because I was afraid the way I wanted to say it sounded prideful. After a little reflection, here it is: This is the longest I've ever stayed with a single "job" and the longest our family has lived in a single spot. In other words, I feel at home and at peace with what we are doing. There are difficulties to be sure, but I am thankful for the direction the Lord has taken us.

I know we all have our own missions and thankfully the Lord does not use a cookie cutter on us. My friends have probably realized that I've never really been able to rest in one place very long. I'd land a job, think it was great, but within a year I'd be wondering "what else is there?", "is this all there is?". In the span of 15 years in my Stateside career, I'd worked for eleven companies, sometimes moving within those companies. To be honest, some of those jobs ended when the company folded, but I doubt I would have held on much longer had they survived. I'd just never felt at peace.

I don't know, it's possible the Lord has something else for us to do, but when people ask us when we are returning to the US, I just answer "I don't know, we don't really think about it". Aside from seeing family and friends, we don't really feel any pull to the US. OK, sometimes we miss good restaurants, but we're getting pretty good about re-creating our favorites at home.

Our kids are growing up. Hannah is a year away from beginning college. She is staying at her grandmother's house right now looking for summer work so that she can save for school. John is just a year behind her after breezing through his school work, even though it's more difficult than anything I ever faced in high school. Faith has her eye set on being an animal doc.

The next few years are going to be difficult as we see our nest emptying but I know the Lord has the hearts of our children in a good place.

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