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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2011-08-27 21:23:42
Subject: Weed Whacker Saga

The young man whom was working for us a couple weeks before the weed trimmer was stolen returned today. He had a note from his mother asking for 300 Lempira ($16) so that she could take someone to the hospital. Sounds cold, but we have all kinds of people coming to us for money and it's always for a medical emergency. It's becoming more and more difficult to believe.

Paula and I spoke with the young man about the stolen trimmer. We were not taking an accusatory tone with him because we don't believe he was a direct part of the theft. He more than likely knew about it after the fact, but would not rat out his family.  It hurts to look at a boy whom has been forced into a position of begging for his mother, especially when he knows and she knows that they have stolen from us.

I was wondering how long proceeds from the weed trimmer would sustain that family and two weeks is about what I expected before they asked for more. Cold as it sounds, I told him he could have the money if he returned the weed trimmer or his brother could earn lots of money with the weed trimmer by cutting yards and fields (a man with a weed wacker can eek out an OK living here if he can find enough jobs).  Mostly I wanted to take that boy and whoever else in the family is suffering because of poor parenting and move them here. Trouble is, I don't know which of the boys are in on the theft. A few nights after the missing weed trimmer the boys returned and were looking at our hogs. I went out near the pig house and shot the pistol a couple of times. They haven't returned.

Please be praying for that family. Dad put them in our lives for a reason. He won't write any of us off until our time is up.

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