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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2012-07-08 11:52:17
Subject: Rolman Update

      During all the trauma with Gerardo, we lost something. Specifically, we lost an older boy, another one dear to my heart and we miss him. Rolman escorted a visitor to bus depot in Tegucigalpa three weeks ago. He was going to return same or next day. He didn't. He actually left, found some boys he grew up with and stayed with him until the funeral last weekend. He returned to the friends' home within 24 hours. He explained to us that he was getting a job, which I like to hear/see in any of our grown boys. We would have liked if he had called to tell us that, but still, groovy, he's growing up.

     Actually, not so and the real subject of this post is to talk about a completely irresponsible practice by North Americans, probably others. You see, Rolman might have spoken with someone about a job, I don't doubt it. However, Rolman is actually living with adult friends who are still being supported by North Americans. They are sending these kids money to live on. Sounds admirable, no?

     I'd be willing to bet that the same people who send these men money (Christians, I think) are the ones who would rail on the Democrats for welfare and enabling irresponsible living. These young adults all need to either work or go to school. Instead, they are being paid to do nothing. In Rolman's case, he/we had plans to complete school while he worked. Now he has an easier alternative, sit back and wait for the gringos to pass down the greenbacks. Meanwhile, without anything to occupy them, they are taking up smoking and drinking. I'm not making this up. When he came to the memorial, he had the unmistakable scent of tobacco.

    Oh that this were an isolated case, but it is not. We know that children in other orphanages have similar relationships with North Americans. Short term teams and supporters come down, pick the kids up, take them to the department store and tell them to get whatever they want, they pick up the bill. When the Americans return to the States, they get messages from the same children, asking for money. They send it.

     I'm trying to be civil and tactful about this, but honestly you who do this are completely undermining our work here. We are trying to train children to become adults. With your flaunting of cash, you are enabling adults to act like children and likely create more children for us to take care of in the future.

    Do you give your own children money and tell them to spend it however they want? Do you even heed how they use their money? Don't expect that just because someone is poor, that they will use money wisely. We spend our lives here trying to teach, model and demonstrate responsible living. Please, please, please don't trample the works of our Father with a few careless acts of 'kindness' or 'charity'.

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