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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2012-12-29 11:24:56
Subject: Sweet words spoken

There are so many cute things these kids say in a day.  There are so many not so cute things I say in a day that I wish I could erase.  I am trying to figure out when and how I let my tongue get so out of whack with the truth!

Misael ~  "Thank you for my beach Mom.    I like my beach.  It is my beach.  It is a beautiful beach, my beach.   You can play at my beach too." 

We were at the beach when this was said.  Sitting in the sand.  I started to edit that comment.  I left out the mom.  I know how some feel about the kiddos calling us mom and dad.  Actually had someone tell me to my face how bad it was. Nice lunch comment don'tcha think?  Here's the deal.  Their biological mom and dad aren't here.  We are.  They love us.  We love, nuture, and goof up with them like parents.  They need parents.  They call us mom and dad.  I am honored.  They know the truth and we tell them the truth.  I think it is equally important for them to feel they belong somewhere.  That they are wanted.  That they are a part.  So, I went back and added what he really said. 

Carlitos ~ "Oh my soul." 

Spoken in the after party glow of Christmas Eve, with friends sitting on the couch.   I got the feeling he was just content.  Happy.  Full.  Honestly as I type that I have chill bumps.  For that child to feel full.  Oh my soul. 

"I cleaned my room."  Yeah, that one is said by many on any given day. 

You can pray for me.  For my mouth to continually speak the truth with grace and love.  For my words to point to Him, to speak life.  For my mouth and heart to show that each of these children is a treasure, loved by Him and us, a joy to my heart, part of my journey.

Blessings to you as you continue to celebrate and rest in the Incarnation. 




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