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Entered By: Rick Holland
Entry Date: 2006-04-18 17:37:44
Subject: re: Sunday April 16, 2006

Mark, It great to hear from you and the family.  I pray with all you are facing, you can since the peace of God there with you.   I got your message about the raddison not wanting to continue with their machine.  Was this a pick-up for me to do asap or did they want to wait until they placed an order.   I have not seen the product you ordered to be delivered here at the church, or was there a change of plan. I have a service bill for the month of March and can send it to you  through your email if you like.  I was not sure of a personal address for you, will you email that to me. Continue the great work and never let'em see you sweat! We pray for you peace, Rick, Darcy and family

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