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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-01-21 14:48:33
Subject: Lenca fun

We (Hope Farm livers) are in love with Lenca pottery.  We love the ladies that make it, we love the simplicity of the design, we love the rich history, we love it.    Lencas are our largest indigenous group,  from the southwest portion of Honduras.   Typically they are a very agricultural people, industrious, and live in close community.   We have a special Lenca family here in Siguatepeque that make the beautiful pottery.   

The kids and I make regular trips to see what they are making, buy gifts and things to spruce up our home.  I asked if we could come as a field trip, our schoolers and another missionary family.  These ladies were up for the task.  Once day we went to watch the different processes involved in making the pottery and have them share their rich history.  Great grandma taught them the basics, they have added their own design, personality, and color.  Great grandma did it out of necessity, finding the rich clay around her home and using to make cooking utensils.  These ladies now make mosty "adornments".   We went another day for the ladies to show us their techniques and to let the kids jump in with the fresh out of the earth clay. 

Beautiful work, lovely ladies, rich heritage, and a lot of fun.  

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re: Lenca fun  by Kim Page on Wednesday January 30, 2013

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