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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-02-06 15:17:00
Subject: Tim/Duct tape sword

Timothy Elijah is our resident inventor and wheeler dealer.   This post was his school writing assignment today......writing an informative paragraph.

You can make a duct tape sword all by yourself.  First get a ruler or a yard stick (note: if you are using a yard stick, cut it the size you want).  Then duct tape your sword all around and make a tip.  For the tip just form the shape that you want.    Then you make the handle with a  tube, tape it also.  Cover the sword with glow in the dark duct tape.  For the handle use metallic duct tape.  You can put any nice designs with duct tape that doesn't glow around the tape that glows.  You can make a cover for your sword.  Then have fun with your sword.  You can make another sword and a shield to add to your collection.  You can invent more things like a helmet or armor. 

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re: Tim/Duct tape sword  by Hannah C on Saturday February 09, 2013

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