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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-02-12 15:51:00
Subject: Los Ancianos

On Saturday we had the opportunity to go with a group of missionaries to visit at an elderly care facility very close to our neighborhood.  The home is a little different than one in the states.  Each room, which is home to 3-5 people, opens up to the outside.  There is a kitchen, small eating area, and a common gathering room.  We were able to visit with about 15 dear elders.  What a hoot!

A fellow missionary had a great idea to bring balloons for everyone to play with.  It was a hit.  She cranked up the tunes and these young ones got to dancing and hitting balloons.  It was an instant fun for  Hope Farm kids too.  It provided an instant connection. 

Several of the people in the home are blind and hard of hearing.  

This dear man lives in the home with his father.  He immediately recognized me as a  "mama". 

These precious ladies are looking at the dancing.  Maybe we took their partners.  

I was very proud of all the kids.  They just jumped right in and visited.  Reynaldo had conversations with a few men, and helped to translate.  Misael was the balloon bopper with a special friend.  Daniela danced while looking at me the whole time to make sure it was ok.  I was thrilled to see her modesty and lady likeness.  Beautiful. 

The kids handed out valentine cookies, flowers, and balloons.  We visited, danced, and laughed so hard. 

We want to go back on a regular basis (once a month) and have a special project to help when we go.  Also thinking on an activity to do together.   Maybe you have some ideas.  If so, email us!



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