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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2006-01-13 10:44:08
Subject: Friday January 13, 2006

Last night we had the awesome honor of a farewell party from our brothers, sisters, mothers, aunts and uncles in Christ. We are still overwhelmed. I came home emotionally drained. It was great to see friends old and new. It was not at all unlike a wedding reception or anniversary party. We caught up with old friends. We received encouragement from all. And before we knew it, it was time to take kids home to bed. Our kids were the last of the group to reunite with their pillows. Hannah expressed sorrow at parting with her friends. John, Faith and Timothy had a blast. Afterwards we realized that we don't have everyone's email address and therefore not everyone got the invitation. For that, I am sorry. Our departure date (Monday Jan. 23) is rapidly approaching and Paula, of course, is on top of packing. We are trying to position ourselves to maximize time with family and friends before we leave. I would like for all who read this to pray for one of our family members. He came home to his mother in very poor health and it was evident that he had not had a home or adequate food in a while. Fathers, you might be able to identify with this; either that or I am stranger than I realize. When I see a family member struggle through something difficult without asking for help, I both want to discipline and comfort him at the same time. My father used to warn me when I was doing something hazardous, "hurt yourself and I'll bust your butt!". That's about how I feel. Please pray that this man (let's call him Paul) will receive the medical attention he needs and re-devote his life to Christ. I still remember a prophecy over him and believe it to this day. He was told that he would be a great prophet. With all the difficult times he's been through, I have to believe that the Lord can use his experience to help others.
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re: Friday January 13, 2006  by Sherry Barnes on Friday January 20, 2006

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