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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2006-04-26 16:57:56
Subject: Wednesday April 26, 2006

A friend asked me share about our schedule here.  I will share how we plan things, but  just as with each of your lives, ours changes constantly.  We have many visitors and issues to deal with that come up unexpected most days.   The boys get up and start getting ready for school at 6:30 am.  Some wake up earlier, and some we have to shake out of bed.  Before we had lived here a while everyone woke up by 5:30 am.  I think that since things have settled down the boys are happy to sleep in a little bit more.  The roosters are usually what bekons all of us!  So by 6:30 it is up and at 'em.  Everyone, including ours, get dressed and eat breakfast together.  Rocky, our farm worker, eats with us in the mornings.  By 7:15 it is prayer time and out the door to school.  The boys walk to the school on our moutain.  In the school there are 3 classes, 50 children in each, and each with one teacher.  There are two grades in each class.  Reynaldo, who is 7, attends Kinder close by also.   After the boys are off to school, my kiddos do their morning chores, and then Bible and school for us.  Xiomara, the lady that helps keep the home spic and span, comes by 7:30 or 8 am.   Mark helps with school (chemistry and math), feeds and waters the goats, checks on all the workers, and does whatever computer work he has.  We also all take turn checking our emails.  On Thursdays I go to the outdoor market, and at least one morning a week it seems that we need to travel to Comayuaga for something.  In the mornings we have Carlitos with us.  He plays, we do his rehab, and he listens to all the English.  Some mornings Madam Gladys will come to help with Carlitos and my Spanish.  This morning she came to help and to celebrate Pastor Francisco's birthday.  Pastor Francisco works with us on the farm most days.  He is a local pastor who has a huge heart for young men.  He always brings a dear 12 year old boy to work with him.  This young man has never been to school, and works like a horse to help provide for his family.  It is our hope to be able to continue to employ him, Neilson, and give him an education here when we have a school.   Reynaldo is home by 11:30 am from school.  Hannah works with he and Timothy on their ABC's and Music.  The rest of the boys saunter in between 12 and 1:30.  It depends on the teachers!  Xiomara makes us all a great lunch, and we all eat together as people straggle in.  The boys, our children, the farm workers, and whoever else is around that day join us for lunch.  Everyone helps clean up lunch and then on to chores.  Most days the older boys and our children will work on chores for 1-2 hours.  These include various things; watering the livestock, gathering eggs, building projects, milking the cows and goats, folding and putting up laundry, cleaning beans to eat, cutting wood, or helping the workers or Mark.  While everyone is working, I do some school in English with the 4 little boys, Timothy, and usually one of my girls help.  Fernando, the 8 year old boy here, also joins in if he can.  We work on letters, numbers, learning games in English, singing, and Bible stories.  They now love to play Go Fish, or Pesca in Espanol.   By 4:30 it is time for Tarea for everyone, this is homework.  Most sit at the tables in the kitchen to work together.  Mark and I help.  Sometimes our children use this time to play together in the storeroom with their Playmobil, or go to tree at the back of the property to play.   Dinner is usually around 5:30-6, and is either leftovers from lunch with other things, or something that Mark or I prepare.  Mark cooks more than I do.  There are always beans, platinoes, and corn tortillas (Xiomara makes our tortillas) if someone doesn't like what else is prepared.  Our kids are very thankful that we now do some cooking.  Prior to Xiomara when we had no help, we did all of the cooking.  Prior to that,  the lady that was employed here did all of the cooking, and it was a bit different!  Now we eat a mix of Honduran and American cuisine!   After dinner, the rush begins to shower everyone.  What a deal!  Mark brings water from the Mennonites, and all take turns washing themselves from the bucket that we place in the shower.  If the bucket is in the shower, it at least seems like you are showering!  They boys are very happy to be in the shower.  Before we were here everyone bathed outside at the pilla, and boy was it cold.  I help the little guys and Timmy shower.  Once they are done if it is not yet time for Bible the older kids all bathe.   We have Bible time all together at 7:15.  Mark reads the Word in Espanol, and then in English.  We all pray together and for one another.  Then it is buenos noches for the little guys (by 7:30-7:45), and the older boys shower and play computer or games for a bit.  Usually everyone, including ours, is out by 8:30-9pm.  The older boys enjoy the time to visit with us.  When they go into their rooms for the night, we take some time with our own children to share and pray together.   There are always some chores to do after we tuck all in.  We also check emails, catch up on replies, go over receipts for the day, talk about what we need to do next, catch our breathe, and bathe.  Mark puts the animals in for the night. We usually hit the pillow around 10.  Now that we have help on the farm and in the home we are able to go to sleep!  Before we would be up until after 11pm and even then thinking about all that we needed to do.   Of course this is the plan, but it seems to always change.  We have to fit in grocery shopping in the afternoons, errands, banking, etc, just like all of you do!  We have visitors from the states sometimes, people from the church, and other things that pop up.  Actually we are always thankful to have visitors and things popping.   So that is a day!  As you can imagine, I am sure that many things are left out. Paula
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