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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-06-28 14:29:25
Subject: Construction

First construction workers had some theft issues, roof was installed, second set of construction workers rolled on,Valley Church team came and installed electricity, we hit the end of the funds for a bit, some great helpers hung lights, generous gifts came in and the construction men started back to work.  Now they are doing the repello and pulido on the interior of the building.  I think that means the stucco stuff, lots of cement and sand. 

So we have walls, floor, roof, electrical wiring (a little bit left), doors and bars (not pictured), and the finish is going on the walls. 

This was before the floor and walls were finished.

We hope to have some great youth from CityLife painting the building in late July, and our first event in the building early August, a youth retreat.  I am already dreaming of the things that can be moved out there.  Excited to see what God is doing! 

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