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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2006-04-27 11:16:09
Subject: Nelson

Nelson is a 12 year old young man that works on our farm. He started working here after the school year began. The boy's family cannot afford to send him to school. Once you pass sixth grade here, school is no longer provided by the state. You can go to a subsidized public school, but it still costs something, usually more than the average family can afford. We've had a burden for Nelson as he is very hard working, well mannered young man just trying to earn money for his family. At the moment, he is the sole breadwinnner. His work here was coming to a close but we did not feel that the Lord was done with him. We did not feel it prudent to keep an extra paid farm hand since we have a full timer (Rocky) and five young men that live here and are just as capable as Nelson. However, nor could we simply let him go. The Lord offered a compromise. He is going to provide. We offered Nelson a slight reduction in pay, which is more than he could make outside of a gringo home with a limited education. In exchange, we are going to teach him English this year. Everything we do and say from here on out to Nelson will be in English. We will train him to respond in kind. So you might say, Nelson is the first student in our bilingual school, which he had hoped to start two years from now. Sometimes the Lord builds patience in us. In the case of this home and our life's visions and the school, the Lord has been eager to test us. God is good. God is GOOD!

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