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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2013-11-06 11:19:50
Subject: Thoughts On Evolution

With Hannah and John in college, the old subject of evolution is rearing its head in our lives again. John's biology class was asked to answer a question about the origin of life. The professor asked the class to raise their hand if they believed it was evolution. Everyone but John raised their hands. The professor asked a second question, if it was intelligent design, only John raised his hand. He had some points taken off his grade because of his answer.

I have to admit, that 25 years ago as a young, non-believing, college student, I wanted to believe in evolution, taking God and my guilt out of the equation. By mistake, I took a class on evolution called "History of Man", from the archaeology school at UT-Austin. I believed evolution theory, until I saw their evidence, which didn't seem plausible, too many gaps. Then I didn't know what to believe and tried to forget the whole subject of our history.

A couple years later I became a believer in our Lord. I believed He told me I should read the Bible, cover to cover. I began reading. I still had some doubts about the Genesis account of creation, but continued reading. In Exodus, the story of the Passover instructed the Hebrews to "eat the whole lamb". I thought and prayed about it. I believe the Lord told me to apply that to my faith; meaning, believe what I am reading in the Bible, all of it, eat the whole lamb. I accepted that word and moved on.

I want to interject here, that I am not out to ruffle any feathers or clobber someone with a Bible. I know some Christians who believe evolution and intelligent design can peacefully coexist. I'm not going to arrogantly state that this idea is wrong. I was not around 6000 or even 14 billion years ago, so I'm not an authority. Nor do I think the age of the universe is fixed at 6000 years. The Word says, "In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth". For all we know, that creation was well before the six days of terraforming. 

I enjoy conversing online with unbelievers, sharing my faith and my beliefs, using current events/news as a lead in (news forums). I have to confess that sometimes it becomes less than civil, but I am convinced that this is part of my call in witnessing to a lost world. Yesterday, I came across a thread about aliens in a completely unrelated subject. It hit me then, that if evolution is the origin of life, why have we not been contacted, conquered by or visited by aliens? I mean, we have plenty of resources devoted to finding and communicating with aliens, just look at the SETI program. Why shouldn't we expect the same out of at least some of the aliens out there?

Is it that aliens aren't interested in contacting us? Why would that be? If evolution is accurate, why wouldn't there be, with all the planets in the universe, at least one planet with curious creatures such as humans? One of the arguments I read on this, is that we are too primitive to contact. The response to that is, why did we send a robot to Mars? Did we think bacteria is more intelligent than us? We can still learn things from less civilized worlds, even if the inhabitants are not intelligent. To believe aliens are avoiding us because we are stupid, makes them more ignorant, making the universe "dumb and dumber".

Is it that none of the aliens are advanced enough to contact us? If evolution is valid, this would be mathematically improbable, if not near impossible. According to scientists, our universe is 13.8 billion years old, and our planet is 4.54 billion years old. Our earliest written history is only 6000 years old. What does that say about evolution? It says that we advanced from stone age to space/Internet age in 0.00013% of Earth's history. Evolution is all about chances, accidents, probabilities. If we evolved in a relatively short amount of time, what's the holdup for the other planets? If our universe is 14 billion years old, other planets likely formed billions of years before ours, giving the aliens a big head start. If I had faith in evolution, I'd be looking out my window for large saucers blasting whole cities out of existence. We've only been "civilized" for six thousand years, in that time advancing from primitiive writing to space travel and super computers. With a billion year head start, seems like the aliens could blast a whole planet away with a handheld pop gun, from a distance of many light years.

If we still want to hold firm to life being an accident, that's bad news for the alien abduction crowd. According to the math, we could be waiting billions of years for the first intelligent life contact, statistically speaking. The odds of us accidentally advancing at the same time as aliens on another planet are very, very slim.

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