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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2006-05-01 22:48:31
Subject: Xiomara

Our housekeeper is a very honest and wise young lady that is very efficient. She can read and write, but she never went to school. She is determined to make a better life with her husband and young daughter. You see, she was raised in utter poverty with 13 siblings in a mud shack. Her mother was out collecting firewood this weekend, problem was that it was on someone else's land. The land owner shot Xiomara's mother in the leg. Now the mother is in the hospital and Xiomara is caring for her in the only hospital that will take patients without means of payment. Tomorrow the mother will have an operation. The mother is 48 years old and still has five young children at home. She will be in the hospital 15 days. Xiomara was embarassed to ask for help for the family and was not sure if she would have a job after taking the time off. Xiomara is a rare find in this world. She is exactly the kind of person we've always dreamed of helping; hard working, responsible, not addicted to drugs or alcohol, still married... She only lacks the things we take for granted in America: education and opportunity. Please pray for her, her mother and her young siblings at home.
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re: Xiomara  by Michele on Tuesday May 02, 2006
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