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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-04-14 17:49:35
Subject: Recent Olympics

 Recently, wonderful teacher Amanda came for a visit on her spring break.  We call her teacher Amanda.  She is much more than a teacher, but.  That Friday it just didn't seem right to sit and do school all morning, so John put together Hope Farm Summer Olympics 2014 on the fly.  Much fun in the hot, hot sun and dust. 

Tony and Reynaldo represented Honduras.  They just love the National Anthem.  Just love.  

Long Jump with Arnold.  Arnold and I represented Argentina.  I felt pretty bad for Arnold.  I am not the best Olympian in the bunch. 

Of course Bubster did the long jump.  Of course he did. 


Timothy the bare footed Olympian.  Timothy and Faith represented the U.S.A. 

I question the organizer of the games competing, but England must be represented.  

John assured us that Tug-O-War was an Olympic sport at one time. 

Feel the burn!

Amanda the Archer, representing  Brazil with teammate Eli. 



Eli is a good shot. 


Timothy loves archery.  

Arnold making sure that I know what I am doing, which I don't 

Tony's first Olympics.  

Reynaldo the Archer.  

We had a great time.  Thankful for kids that are willing to go with it.  

Thank you Amanda for participating.  

U.S.A. won, but we are sure it was rigged. 


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