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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-05-05 22:53:34
Subject: Post to respond to............

 This is one of those post where I want you to respond.  I want to read your thoughts on this...........

Recently Mark and I went on a trip to Colorado.  A church that is very good to us and partners with Hope Farm wanted to help us get away and enjoy each other.  We both knew, heading into the final weeks before the trip, that we needed a break.  

We had a great time being alone, catching up with people we love, meeting new friends, and sharing the heart of Hope Farm.  It was wonderful to get away, see the scenery of somewhere else, and get some perspective on issues we deal with.  Before the trip I had been feeling like I was in way over my head; not really responsibilities (ha, I kid myself), but the hard issues that we deal with on a daily basis.  Whereas I wanted to get away, relax, and enjoy.........there is always that part of me that says, "Paula, pull up your big girl panties and plow the field, tow the line, bloom where you are planted, don't try to escape, dig in, SUFFER!"  Yep, firstborn.  

Some sick thing in me believes that I should never have a break, and that sick thing is sometimes yelling at me.  I believe it is a sick lie.  I hear this lie sometimes..........."if you are in God's will, you will not ever need a break - you are already living in utopia. "   I know it is a lie, completely unbiblical - but still sometimes I hear the lie, sometimes I believe it, and sometimes I beat myself up because I want a break. 

So here is my question, what I want you to respond to - How do you deal with the day to day stresses of your life and remain charged and ready to go?  When do you know you need to take a break and do you take the break?  

I will answer for myself.  To handle any day I need Jesus.  I have to have that time in the morning where I sit, listen, read His Word, and talk to Him.  And then throughout the day I have to be honest with Him and seek His help.  When it stinks, or when I stink, I tell Him.  When I think I am off track, I need to stop and listen.  I don't always do this.  Sometimes I continue on off track to the detriment of myself and everyone around me.  And then there is the hard stuff, the continaul hard stuff.  Ideally I bring it to Him as many times as I think about it or am mucking through it.  Ideally, not my always. And then there are the days that I don't deal, I melt - or more honestly, I stalk, rage, spew, sulk, wallow in self pity, yell, or cry - sometimes at the same time.  

I know I need a break, a change of perspective, when EVERYTHING seems to be in a bad place. But I want to know before!  I want to be more clued in to the warning signs.  I also want to take the breaks in my back field, on a walk, in the beauty around me, in places a little closer than that I can have more of them.  

On this recent trip the Father spoke to me about being daily covered in the Word.  I realized that I was not being strengthened by the Word He has given all of us.  Application.  Eating the Word.  Making the jump from the page to my heart and daily actions.  

I really do want to do you breathe?  




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