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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-07-01 12:25:42
Subject: Keyhole Garden

 Recently I visited a friend's house that has a serious green thumb.  She has a serious sewing finger also.  Talented this woman, Pat Nelson.   Anyways, she showed some of us her keyhole garden and I fell in love.  It is up off of the low ground, it is pretty, it uses compost, and you can throw your paper trash in it.  Love it.  A new place to plant my lettuce and spinach, a new place to view from my kitchen window.  

We always have some brick or something laying around from prior projects.  So with some child labor we got it built. 

After the build you lay down some cardboard, build your compost area, and wet it down.  Thank you Faith! 

This is your keyhole, your entry for easy composting, watering, and weeding. 

Yes, sometimes we work together.  Sometimes. 

Then comes the green stuff; grass clippings, veggie scraps.   

You also get to throw in cans, eggs cartons, paper,  your basic recycle stuff. 

And because we live in the mountainous forest, pine needles and such. 

We are still adding our recycle things and green things - watering in bewteen.  Then we will put our rich soil on top and plant. 

We will let you know how it goes.  Thanks Pat for the inspiration.  Thanks Barbara Lee for the seeds. 


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