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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2014-07-07 12:00:47
Subject: Money Laundering and Free Range Chickens

I greatly enjoy putting unrelated phrases in my post titles. It messes with the collective minds of Google.

Banking here, is for the most part and lack of a better term, backwards. There are some more modern banks, but modern is not always good. Sometimes modern means awful customer service, which is why we are switching banks, atm. So now, we are stepping back into the past.

Let's look beyond the fact that you need to carry "libretas" (little account books). I have not carried one of those since I was fourteen years old and had to carry the book to raid my paper route savings in order to fund my video game addictions.

No, when I say backwards, we are talking about clueless tellers implementing ridiculous banking rules. Currently, we are trying to move money from our old bank, which did not let us have a joint account, to our new one, where we have a joint account. The problem is that they limit your daily cash deposits to some insanely low amount, which I can only surmise has to do with money laundering. So, I need to make five trips to move money from old bank to new...or so I thought. Today I tried to move a little more money, but it turns out that I had already made a deposit Saturday, so I cannot make a deposit today. Also, I had too many 20 Dollar Bills. They can only accept a limited amount of 20's.

My father's tire store used to have a wall poster that stated the following bit of wisdom:

Stress -The confusion caused when your brain overrides your body's overwhelming desire to choke the <explitive deleted> out of somebody who desperately deserves it.

Today, I was feeling stress at the bank, but that's nothing new here. Something that is new here, to open a bank account with US Dollars, you have to fill out an IRS form so that Uncle Sam knows you have money outside the USA. That way I can pay US taxes in both countries.

On the sunny side, we have some chickens who are paying tax free dividends. We built a little mobile chicken house for Mother's Day, something Paula wanted. At first we kept the chickens in that house all the time, out of fear that the neighborhood dogs would eat them, but they have been doing well for a few weeks. Once we did let them out, their egg production tripled. We have "Indio" chickens, the ones that have the colorful feathers in contrast to the "farm" chickens, which are completely white...and brain dead.

So these chickens are no doubt wreaking havoc on the local insect population. We give them corn, but that is by no means a balanced diet for a chicken. They need calcium galore for their egg shells, which I think they must find in the insects, pebbles, plants and other things they consume. Often they leave the corn on the ground and wait until we release them before they go foraging. So aside from great egg production, they are keeping the pest population at bay. They probably make about 15 laps around the house daily.

It's interesting to watch the poultry. We just have one rooster and six hens, producing over six eggs daily. The rooster does not eat near as much as the hens. When the rooster does spot some food that the hens are unaware of, he starts clucking until they gather and dine.

We're still enjoying the world God created, even if the bankers seem clueless.

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