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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2014-07-16 11:50:27
Subject: Honduran Refugees - My $0.02 Worth

Honduras makes the news on occasion and it's rare that the news is ever good, then again, how much news is?

Right now America has tens of thousands of Central American youth in detention centers along its borders. Right or wrong, they are there, illegally. Why do I say right or wrong? Who makes the US laws? We Americans do. Who influences economic policy? Earthlings do.

A few months ago we were excited to watch a movie about Somalian Pirates called "Captain Phillips". Tom Hanks rarely stars in a poor quality movie. While the movie did show how frightening it can be to sail cargo ships in dangerous parts of the world, it also gave us a glimpse of why people become pirates. The captain and the head pirate were conversing about why the pirates were in that line of business. The pirate said that they used to be fishermen, but that large commercial ships came and depleted their territorial waters of fish. If you'd seen the movie and the area they lived in, you would know that farming in a barren desert was not an option. There was no industry there. What else could those people do to provide for their families? Out of desperation and temptation, they turned to piracy.

My point is, we make laws and policies to benefit society as a whole, but sometimes those laws are detrimental to people we're unaware of. For obvious reasons, hijacking merchant ships is illegal. Taking away the livelihood of an entire community of fishermen, is not.

Is this the case in Honduras? Is American policy to blame, to any degree, for the current refugee burden we are facing as Americans? It's hard to tell. Who could have foreseen large fishing vessels being responsible for piracy of merchant marine ships?

I can tell you what conditions are like here. Gangs are quite possibly, collectively more powerful than the law enforcement and military combined. Gangs are everywhere. They are in the big cities. They are in the outlying areas like our rural community. They have one thing in common, a lack of opportunity. Gangs collect a "war tax" from small business owners and families. Pay the tax or face assassination. Children are being sent as messengers to demand this war tax. Gang leaders know that police will not arrest children.

One thing we hear from the north side of the border is, "Why do they have kids if they cannot afford them?" Wow, and to think even Christians are saying this. How very naive, and dare I say, American to think that. Not every part of the world plans every birth. Not every nation permits abortion to take the lives of children before they are born. Not every teenage, and pre-teen girl in the world can turn away a rapist, a pedophile or incestual predator. It is so common here. Girls are birthing children to step-fathers, boyfriends of their mothers, brothers, cousins, uncles, grandfathers and even to their own fathers. Typically, a twelve year old girl is not aware of her birth control options, but here they better get savvy.

We live in a fallen world. Please have compassion on the children. They were not born by their own choice.

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