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Entry Date: 2014-07-18 10:49:00
Subject: re: Test Batch 130/70/8

Follow up note, final roasting temperatures, meaning the final temperature of the beans, help determine the final flavor of the chocolate. Aside from initial fermentation, roasting is probably the strongest flavor enhancement chocolate will receive. It helps bring out the richness of the bean, just as coffee roasting does. The higher the final roasting temperature, the more sharp, bitter the chocolate will be. On the other end, a lower roasting temperature will make the chocolate more astringent. You might even say it has a sour taste, but I am still testing that. So the next batches I am making will be 135/70/8 140/70/8 145/70/8 I tasted each of the freshly roasted beans and 140 is my favorite. It's a little bitter. That does not mean it will make the best bar, we'll have to see what the beta tasters say. Roasted cacao beans, like peanuts, are a little crunchy. Also like peanuts, they are roughly 50% oil/butter. Another note, I was reading about "vegan" chocolate". Honestly, I thought vegan would have to be sweetened with broccoli or something else green. Turns out, our dark chocolate is vegan. We add no animal products, including dairy, to the dark bars. For all you vegans out there, I'm taking orders.

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