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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2014-07-23 14:20:45
Subject: Milk Chocolate Debut

Well I got to thinking about it and realized that I am probably missing out on a key segment of chocolate consumers by constantly trying to improve and push dark chocolate.  After a quick Google, I came up with the following facts:
  •  chocolate is North America's favourite flavour: 52% of adults surveyed like chocolate best with vanilla and fruit flavoured coming a distant second (12%)
  • 71% of North American chocolate eaters prefer MILK CHOCOLATE
  • 22% of all chocolate consumption takes place between 8pm and midnight
  • more chocolate is consumed in the winter than any other season

Believe it or not, "winter" in Honduras is synonymous with rainy season, which starts in June and ends in December.

Yesterday I whipped up a batch of milk chocolate with the new, better cacao that I bought a couple weeks ago. I think it's an understatement when I say that the new cacao improves the flavor of the previous batches of milk chocolate I had made.

I had made some before, but none that I considered "bar worthy". I did sell some in bars at the request of a store owner who had tasted them, but he confessed later that he likes bitter chocolate. He is in the minority. I had other feedback that the chocolate was bitter. I stopped making and selling milk chocolate with the market cacao.

Today I made, and Timothy bagged up a trial run of:

  • milk chocolate bars
  • milk chocolate bars with peanuts
  • milk chocolate bars with crispy rice cereal
  • milk chocolate covered coconut candy bars

In Spanish they could be named:

  • Hursi's
  • Señor Buen Barra
  • Nesli Cronch (ok, "cronch" is a word tapped by Central American marketers, from English, "Crunch")
  • Montónes

You might need a little Spanish to understand the humor.

These new items will be delivered to the ice cream shop this afternoon, along with another gallon of "Hursi's" syrup to make their chocolate ice cream with.

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