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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2014-09-23 12:28:54
Subject: It's A Wonderful Life

Paula and I had the blessing of spending some time alone, and with Jim Pack. It's always refreshing.

Jim and Paula are in town rounding up things for the wedding of David and Alicia. They will be home in a short while. I am still in town, because there is no electricity at home once again, and has not been for 20 hours running.

This morning we caught the news that the national electric company was losing a million dollars per day. Most electricity here is from hydroelectric dams. The cost of a kilowatt hour is about $0.20 USD, or about 70% more than what we pay in Texas. In the same story about the deficit, it was said that electric rates need to rise 200%.

Last week there was a story about the man who ran the equivalent of the "Medicaid" program in Honduras. He was captured by authorities. While running his government department, he had set up imaginary hospitals, billed the country for hundreds of millions and managed to buy properties throughout the world. So far, they have counted $350 million USD in properties in his estate. You have to at least suspect that people are doing the same thing in the electrical department

Count the hours, count it all joy, Christ is returning. Darkness will be exposed. Corruption will end.

It just really all boils down to faith. Do you believe what the Bible says? Do you believe we will have a reckoning? If you do, you will live like it. I'd bet dollars to donuts that many people who are stealing from the poorest of the poor, are well respected in the churches they attend, at least until they are caught. If we do not, we live like there is no tomorrow. If we have faith, we will live like there are eternal tomorrows.

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