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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2014-10-01 23:57:15
Subject: re: Mission Sunday

Like Paul Harvey, it's time to give the rest of the story...

I mentioned the woman who came with the mother on the day following the incident. It turns out the woman, aside from being related to the mother, is also the elected "patrona" of the neighborhood. I guess it would be something like the president of an HOA, or mayor or someone who is over the village. Anyway, we have a little history with this patrona.

Eight years ago, Restoration Church, Jim Faber and the mayor of Comayagua brought us some goats for the farm. We were so excited. Our farm is not really large enough for cattle, but it is for goats. So, we made a place in the back that was fenced for goats. Goats are a bit more nimble than cattle, so a cattle fence is more of an invitation for goats to cross through, than any kind of barrier. We fed the goats, boys rode the goats, we tried milking the goats and they kept us, uhh, entertained.

One night we heard dogs barking, goats bleating, and all kinds of ruckus in the back. We investigated and found that dogs had attacked and fatally injured one goat. We buried it the next day. Weeks later it happened again, except that that time, six goats were fatally injured. We had to put them down and bury them. Finally we started tying them up front and corralling them at night, quite a fiasco. Yes, our fellow Texan goat ranchers, we also acquired a donkey to watch over these goats, to no avail.

One day while the goats were tied up in the front yard, several dogs tried to surround them as we watched. I picked up our .22 rifle and shot the largest dog in the chest. It turns out that the dog belonged to our neighbor. The dog was fatally wounded, but it did manage to run to the neighbor's back porch and die the next day. If you've watched many detective shows, you will know where this is heading. Yes, the owner of the dog and neighbor, is now the very same patrona who demanded money from us two days ago.

Up until that dog incident, we were on friendly terms with the pastor of a local church. Turns out, the patrona attended that church. We are no longer under good graces with that local body.

As tempers flared Monday, the patrona told us that there are many testimonies about how bad we were, at the very same church. Some things were said in response, things we're not proud of, such as gossip not being a virtue, to put it mildly.

So after Arnol was assaulted by a drunk man, we hear that we are as well respected locally, as a rabid, mangy dog with a bad case of fleas.

A day passed, we realized that we need to do more than the right thing, by doing the Christ thing. We offered to pay for the medical care. Within the same hour, Paula spoke with a lady who works at the home, and lives in the neighborhood. The lady, Shena, told Paula that a neighborhood meeting was held about this same incident. It is well known throughout the neighborhood that Arnol was not at fault. It is also known that the man assaulted Arnol. It was also discovered that the patrona was speaking with various people throughout the neighborhood, trying to stir up dissent against us. The neighborhood is trying to remove the patrona from her self appointed office.

It's just incredible how God works when you let Him.

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