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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2014-10-07 09:50:16
Subject: Blueberries

This Summer we had some visits from a blueberry farmer. Her son would drive their little pickup to our house with several buckets of blueberries, each weighing 25 lbs. She would drive up and get a little pushy about buying her blueberries. Essentially she knew that most Hondurans do not know what they are, and few have freezers to store that many blueberries in. So we, among other gringos, were the market.

Blueberries, aside from their health benefits, bring back fond memories of my visits to Massachusetts. My uncle has a few acres of blueberry plants, where I would go pick with cousins, grandparents and other family. Both my grandfather and grandmother had over 10 siblings, so I had more relatives there than I could possibly name. Everything my grandmother could make with blueberries, we ate. She was very proud of her "pie squares", and we were thankful to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

So this blueberry farmer would drive up, ask for Paula or I and essentially wait until we bought her blueberries. We would try to name other Americans we know who might be interested, but she just really would not leave until we bought 25 lbs. I know at one point we had over 100 lbs. in our freezer, but sold about half of that to friends.

So here we are, carrying on Grandma's tradition of doing whatever we can to consume blueberries. We probably add them to our cereal a couple days per week. We make blueberry biscuits, a recipe written by Kellie Baugh. We make pies, pancakes and occasionally we make pies.

Now we are down to less than 20 lbs of blueberries with about eight months to go before the next harvest. I am getting a little stingy with the fruit.

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