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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2006-05-14 14:24:10
Subject: Mother's Day in Honduras

Today is Mother's Day in America and Honduras, which is a little bit of a surprise to me since Father's Day in Honduras was a month or two ago. Mother's Day here is a bit more drawn out than going to a restaurant after church. Here, Mother's Day started at "Kinder" (Kindergarten) on Thursday. On Wednesday afternoon, our youngest student came home with a note telling the mother's to come to school on Thursday Morning with your child promptly at 9 AM. (Cultural Note: prompt in Honduras means an hour late). So, wanting to be a good mother, Paula went with Reynaldo to Kinder on Thursday. She arrived at 9 AM sharp. The teacher greeted her and immediately apologized because nobody was there yet. The special Mother's Day program started at 10 AM. The same afternoon, our older students arrived for lunch and told Paula that she was invited to a special Mother's Day program at 9 AM in "escuela" (school), not to be confused with Kinder or colegio (high school). Another cultural note, it is offensive to children here to refer to high school, college or even Kindergarten as "school". Always striving to be punctual and a good example, she did just that; arrived at 9 AM. The program started at 11 AM. Soon, a fight broke out about some kind of raffle that was mandatory; the proceeds to be used for cleaning the school and paying for the special Mother's Day lunch. At 1 PM, Paula had to return home to resume duties as a missionary; before the cake could be served. Mother's Day is not yet over, but started really early. This morning, a cargo truck drove up our driveway playing loud music. I say morning, but that is debatable, since it was not yet 5 AM. Anyway, we were a bit surprised, I daresay frightened. The children awoke and looked a tad scared. I opened the window and yelled "go away, VAMANOS!". There was no response. Wearing not much more than a towel, I went back to our room, dressed and stepped out on the porch after Paula asked for the phone to call the police. I was approached by a local pastor's wife, whom we knew. She said "I am sorry, this is for Paula, for Mother's Day". I was not capable of breaking a smile, but I explained that we did not know what was going on. We were shocked and bewildered. I returned to the house, turned out the lights and they drove away after another song; I really think they were wanting Paula to come outside, but that was not going to happen! We've already started on a few books based on our experience here: Sleeping Past 5 AM and Other Cultural Taboos (a guide to life in Honduras) Running Water and Other Gringo Luxuries Washing Machines: A Tool of the Devil Indoor Plumbing is for the Weak I would start other books, but I'm too busy fetching water.
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