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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2006-05-21 22:43:29
Subject: Sunday May 21, 2006

We are still reeling from the generosity packaged up in the container received last Thursday. Yesterday, the boys put their bicycles together and we devised a "sharing" plan so that the older boys could all have a bicycle (every other day). We did figure out what was attacking the goats. Unlike the coyote attacks of a couple months ago, this time dogs are to blame. Paula heard a lot of barking the first night of the attack, but no howling. That's nothing unusual in this neighborhood. The next night, we put the goats in their special fort designed to keep them safe from coyotes. Again, we heard the dogs barking towards the back of the property at about 2:30 AM Saturday as well as the goats bleeting. I got up and awoke Rolman (our 16 year old). We rushed out there with an axe and pick-axe (we have no rifle as I am not yet a resident). By the time we got out there the barking had stopped and no dogs were found. The goats were safe but visibly spooked. Starvation is not limited to humans in this country. We hope to eventually build a pen or barn closer to the house that can shelter animals at night. Until then, the goats are going to need to huddle in the little shelter every night. Now it's time to wait for for the new kids (baby goats) to arrive in a month or two. If we can keep them all safe, we will build a barn and buy more. God is good! We are taking all of this day by day. We still have very little in the way of running water (one night a week after bed time), but the Lord has sent the rains. This helps in that our pila is filled with runoff from the roof. It's not exactly fit for drinking, but it sure is nice to have something to flush with or (I daresay) wash the clothes. It certainly reduces the trips to the Mennonites to refill on water; a huge blessing of time! It is also very clear why third world countries are, well, third world countries. When so much time and energy is devoted to something like gathering water; something that we do in the States without thinking, it is clear why these people are very poor and less productive. Think. If you spent 3-4 hours of your day collecting water instead of turning on a faucet, how productive would you be? Also, electricity here seems to go out once or twice per week for 4-8 hours per day. If that happenned in America, the economy would virtually collapse. Count your blessings and say thanks to your meter men! :-)
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