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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2006-06-01 22:38:50
Subject: Honduras Positively Backwards

Please don't take the subject in a negative way. When I say Honduras is positively backwards, I mean it is a positively good thing. What am I talking about? Well, one of the things I most enjoy is community. Many men work at or near close to home. They either have their own trade and thus work at of the home, or they ride their bicycles/horses/donkeys (or even drive a cart with a team of oxen) to work. Now, this does not afford them Nokia 95000 Internet phones with live streaming video and laser insect zappers, but it does afford them time with family and getting to know their neighbors. The families that stick together here are usually pretty close. They are not fighting about budgets, car payments or always picking up kids from soccer practice. They are caring for one another, for extended family and enjoying coffee with their spouses. However, like the rest of the world, when the going gets tough, some "fathers" leave. That is why we are here. That is why most ministries exist; some families fail. Men fail. Women fail. We are all fallen and need a saviour. I certainly do not count myself as a Bible scholar or an ordained minister. I am just here because the Lord called us here. He is the father to the fatherless. We are only vessels. Many great thanks to all those that support our work here. Understand that we love the children under this roof, but that our ministry does not stop here. We employ faithful people to cook, clean, farm, construct and more. The great news is you can hire people here for as little as $4/day. Your contributions are greatly stretched and multiplied for the Kingdom. We also help local families in crisis and try to be good neighbors. Every Christian is called to do the good works Christ set before us so that people see those works and give glory to God in Heaven (Matthew 5:16). We are thankful for the place the Lord has for us. This week during our Wednesday Night Bible Study, the men spoke with me after church. They had been thinking about our water problem. They asked if we had a cistern. In other words, did we have a water tank in the ground at about the same level as the main water line? The answer is no. Their thought is that because of our elevation above the water line, we should put in another water tank at a lower level, let water fall into it and pump it up with our own pump. They came by this morning to investigate. As we've seen before, there was no water even in the street. This evening, I spoke with our neighbor as both of us were journeying home from the Mennonite well. He said he has water every night. His home is across the street and lower than street level. Sure enough, when I checked tonight, water was flowing from our checkpoint near the street. We are going to dig a hole for the water tank tomorrow and give it another test. If we can fill our water tank, it's time to start pumping water! This is a temporary measure until we have a well, but it sure would make our lives more productive here. Praise God for wise and caring men!
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re: Honduras Positively Backwards  by Michele on Saturday June 03, 2006

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