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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2006-06-15 10:32:50
Subject: Missions and Trade

    Last night we were driving home late from San Pedro Sula. As nobody else was awake or near enough to talk to, I had plenty of time to listen. We were driving a man and a boy home from the airport. The man also is a missionary, but he is from Italy. His only two languages are Italian first and Spanish second. Communication is even more difficult in that circumstance (one Texan, one Italian with Spanish as second language for both) than it is speaking with a native Spanish speaker. Anyway, the Lord spoke to me concerning the blessed lives we Americans live. Much of what we have to be thankful for are missionaries past. Who else travels to foreign lands solely to help others? A benefit received is that the missionary learns the foreign language and is able to communicate. Also, the missionary learns what goods the culture produces. Eventually, a businessman hears about the goods and is able to setup a profitable trade with the aid of a missionary that speaks the language.      For those of you rusty on the "Tower of Babel"; it was when mankind was building a tower up to the heavens. So as not to let their egos overtake them, the Lord confused their language. We may think that a curse, but all He was doing was burying treasure. Those that benevolently spread the Gospel, were able to expose the treasure for his brothers and sisters back home. British and Americans have sent many missionaries abroad. Look at where the wealth is now.      Now, obviously by learning Spanish, a widely known language, we are not going to be opening up any huge doors for trade down here.  But remember, that is only half the equation. Spreading goodwill, establishing trust and learning the culture also contribute to successful trade. We by no means came here to serve corporations. The Lord simply shared why we are blessed and I wanted to give glory to Him. His Gospel will be spread, and those by whom he spreads it will be blessed in this life and the next. How do martyrs figure into this equation? Can you think of a better place to spend eternity than under the altar of Christ? (Revelation 6:9-10)      If you feel the Lord knocking on your heart's door, don't ignore His call. Pray and ask for wisdom. Seek Him like you would a huge fortune. Don't settle for treasure that will be left behind when leave for eternity. Mission life has more, longer term benefits than a beefy 401k!

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