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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2006-10-03 17:29:33
Subject: Tuesday October 03, 2006

Hello From Honduras,     It has been awhile since my last update. One praise report of immense significance, it's cooler here than it is in Texas. For that, we are extremely thankful. Also, in contrast to Texas, we've had rain this year.     In other news, we've purchased a couple grande piggies. They weigh in at a paltry 300 lbs. each. The female is already expecting and we should have about a dozen little piggies around the New Year. I hope to buy another momma as we have room for another family.     With respect to the boys, it is almost the end of the school year for the older boys. Rolmon and David will "graduate" from grade school (sixth grade), which is a significant event in Honduras. It is the last grade in which the state pays for public education. To continue beyond sixth grade, families must pay roughly $12/month for the public school and from $20-$100/month for private schools. This does not sound much to our American minds, but $100/month is probably the average income for the typical family in our area. In other words, the vast majority of children go no further than sixth grade here. You'll see a lot of children with menial labor jobs if they aren't wandering the streets for lack of anything to do. Our boys will have every opportunity to further their education to a level that less than 1% of Honduras sees (a university education).     We have found recently that the boys (particularly the younger boys) have been subjected to sexual abuse in the home prior to our arrival. We do not know who, but the counseler believes that it was probably someone that was in authority; or at least a hired hand. The boys are dealing with issues long before they will see adolecense. They need serious help. There is a Christian counselor in Comayagua that is willing to make house calls every other week. She is well qualified and experienced but she is not cheap by Honduran standards. She believes that the boys need six months of group therapy after having individual sessions with each child. Bottom line is that we are believing the Lord for $100 every other week. This is well beyond our budget but absolutely necessary if we expect for these boys to have any hope of healthy lives. Yes, it is very serious. Unless they get that help, we cannot continue to raise them and certainly we will not allow them to hurt other children.     Speaking of budgets, I would like to level with you on what we receive and what we spend on a monthly basis. Every month we receive on average $1297 in donations for the boys home. Some of this is from monthly or quarterly gifts, most of it is from one time gifts. So long as there are surprises (there always are), on a monthly basis we spend $2307 at the home: Farm Help:      $217 Household Help: $206 Elvis:          $114 Groceries:      $684 Diesel:         $114 Phone:          $34 Internet:       $46 Electricity:    $18 Animal Feed:    $68 Farm Supplies:  $46 Medical:        $114 Debts from previous management:     $556 (average) Home Repairs:   $91 Monthly average:$2307     On top of that, there are numerous travel expenses involved when we need to visit IHNFA (child protective services) in Tegucigalpa or take someone to the airport. We do not believe there are any more debts from previous administrators, so that will bring our budget down somewhat. I have some residual income from web sites etc that covers when our family needs to take some time away from the home. We are extremely thankful for the gifts to this home as we believe they are investments in the Kingdom. They are also investments in the sense that we expect to become more and more Christ sufficient. We expect that income from the farm and future business ventures will make donations for monthly expenses unnecessary. I believe we can do this within four years.     One last little detail. We need to build a new home. The home is too small for fifteen people. We need two homes with two sets of house parents. The children need to have more individual attention. We are believing the Lord for funds to build a new home. Please pray with us for this ministry to continue. The Lord is making a huge difference down here, bringing hope and love to an extremely impoverished area as well as nine abused and neglected boys. God be with you,     Mark Colbath

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