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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-12-11 08:54:20
Subject: Advent Day 11

 Today I did a little skipping around on the Advent reading because there was no internet earlier.  I am glad that I did...........I love what I read.  

First I read Joshua 2:1-21, the story of Rahab.  Did you know that the scarlet rope that she hung from the window is "tikvah" in Hebrew?  I didn't.  But that word, tikvah, means hope.  Hope.  She hung her hope out the window, believing that it would save her and not hang her.  And it did.  He did.  Jesus, my hope, my tikvah.  The rope that connects me to the Father, that saves me, that brings me life and not death.  I believe!  What a beautiful passage of scripture.  What life.  What beautiful, rich language. 

Then Isaiah 41:17-20, such promise.  We seek water, we are parched.  And He himself answers us, He answered me with Jesus.  He has not forsaken me.  He opens up rivers in the heights (good for me, I live on a mountain), springs in the valleys, pools in the wilderness, and dry lands bring fountains of water.  He gives the water and the green.  He has done this for me, for us.  He desires to refresh us.  

I love that the Old and New Testament speak Jesus.   

Closing Prayer:
Lord, like a loving parent,
you offer me your comforting hand

Help me to wait for your coming with patience
and to listen to what you ask of me. 

I want so much to be one of  “your people” 
and to live my life in you.

Thank you for the way you bless my life. 
Thank you for listening to my prayers 
and for planting deep in my heart 
the knowledge that with you, 
nothing is impossible.


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