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Entered By: Betty
Entry Date: 2014-12-13 05:22:10
Subject: re: Battle Of The Site Spammers

So, it is :15 AM and I can't sleep. Not uncommon so I decided to put this situation into some good use. This I am reading your blog. Not that I've never read it before, but I have never responded. I'm not much of a blog responder, so it is not just your site. I am wondering, if you had all those fake entries, could you read them? I am also wondering, were they good? I just can't imagine someone having enough time and energy to do such a thing and that you have to write more code (or whatever you do to keep this from happening) like you need that! Know that in Western Colorado we are praying for you. We think that what you are doing is amazing and you are "God's hands and feet" and maybe one day I can come and clean your toilets, play with your kids and help out with meals. Thank you for doing all of this. Bettych
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