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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2006-10-26 09:57:24
Subject: Thursday October 26, 2006

We are back in the States a bit early for our Winter break. Paula was having health problems that our local physicians in Honduras could not diagnose. She went to her old doctor in Texas and he was able to find the problem. I am working for my previous employer for about six weeks to help pay for the surgery. If all goes well, we will return to Honduras on Dec. 31. Paula's surgery is scheduled for Nov. 13 and she needs 6-8 weeks recovery time after an overnight stay at the hospital. So, we would certainly like to see all of our friends while we are here. We will be in the Fort Worth area until mid December, with a few trips to Austin, San Antonio or Houston about every 2-3 weekends. Good news! A container is scheduled to leave for Honduras end of November. We have a few items to put on board, but we are also looking for bargains on: Electrical Fencing (we want to free-range our hogs and keep other animals away from our fruit trees) Grain Mill (to grind corn and soy for our hogs) Feeding Troughs for the hogs A small roto-tiller for plowing and weeding the garden A commercial freezer unit to put into a meat storage facility (for a cold storage unit) A meat saw I'm sure I can think of a many other things beforehand     Given our early success raising hogs, I believe the home can be close to self-sufficient by the end of next year. We need to build about three more housing units (roughly $1000 each) for the hogs to expand their capacity. Right now we have 3 sows, but they multiply quick (10+/- pigs every 5-6 months per sow). With 13 sows, we should have enough meat to sell to pay most, all or more expenses than we have at the home. When the farm begins producing its own income, it will be time to increase housing and thinking about a school. We want these boys to believe in Christ, themselves and see God as their source, not North Americans.
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