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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2015-03-30 11:18:59
Subject: Semana Santa Weather

This is a long running joke in our family. When we first moved here, we asked people if there were swimming pools in our home town of Siguatepeque. We were told that it is too cold to swim here. The only week warm enough to swim was "Semana Santa" ( The "Holy Week", which ends with Good Friday).

Now first things first, about 300 days out of the year our high temp is a minimum of 80. For Texans that is a cool Spring day. Swimming holes are just starting to get tepid in the early Spring of Texas. However, since the temp ranges from 60-80 here daily for most of the year, it's not like the water has a chance to cool off too much.

Semana Santa is always in the middle of our dry season, which is the warmest time of the year. It rarely rains in the dry season and we almost always have clear skies in this season. In our nine years here, making this our tenth Semana Santa in Honduras, we always get some cool, rainy weather. This year is no exception.

Mind you, that Semana Santa is the only week of the year warm enough to swim, in Siguatepeque. Thus we always get a chuckle when the week arrives and the sun hides.

One odd thing, Christianity wise, is that while Hondurans in general observe Palm Sunday and Good Friday, Easter is barely recognized. Good Friday has reenactments of the crucifiction across the country, festivals and parades in many cities. Generally, businesses are closed Wednesday through Friday of this week. The small professional class generally has the week off and take to the beaches.

On Good Friday we recall the ransom Christ paid to rescue us from our sins. Easter is a reminder of eternal life our Father has given us, and his Son. We are joint heirs to His eternal kingdom.

We wish a blessed Semana Santa to you, and Happy Easter too.

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