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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-01-15 15:56:58
Subject: Something I forgot to say

We learned when we came back that Xiomara is pregnant!  She is due in June or July.  We are thankful, for she and her husband wanted another child.  She is now working a shorter day because we want her to be taken care of.  Another lady, Bertha (Xiomara's sister in law) now works in the afternoons for us.  She is the lady that works for us on Sunday.  We are also thankful to have the washing machine and two dryers to help with the work load.  It takes a lot of effort to keep the home clean, produce washed, meals prepared, and laundry done.  Everyone helps though. In the mornings before school our 4 children and each boy have a chore to accomplish-things like cleaning the bathroom, washing breakfast dishes, shaking out the rugs, dusting, dressing Carlitos, sorting laundry.   Then all the older kids have to change their sheets once a week.  Everyone also does a kitchen chore at night.  You have a chore such as washing dishes, sweeping, mopping, cleaning counters, cleaning appplainces, cleaning off the tables, or drying dishes for the whole week.  That hopefully helps everyone to realize the value of housekeeping, and respect for what Xiomara and Bertha do fo us.  Something about this many people being in a house together makes it to where the house has to have a top to bottom clean everyday!   Paula

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