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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2015-04-24 16:23:30
Subject: It's A Dry Heat

Right now it's 90F outside.  I have to designate the "F" after the temp, because here they use Celcius "C". To escape the heat, we come inside where it's 89F. It won't last real long. It will actually feel warmer in June when we should top out at 80F in here, but the humidity will be off the charts. Right now it is extremely dry for Honduras, about 20% humidity.

When I visit Texas, typically late Summer, it feels like home. The boys and I walk miles outside in the heat of the day, but it is typically windy there compared to here where the air is immobilized with forest cover. When I visit Texas in the Winter, it feels like Antarctica.

Now that you've had the weather update, there's not much to report. We still have a house full of kids. They still eat a lot, go through a lot of clothes, shoes, school paper and other paper. The blackberries are getting good and healthy again with frequent watering by Rey and Eli and a lot of sunshine. Arnol is still cranking out chocolate and Tim is doing a lot of house cleaning along with Faith, Paula, Daniela and Cindy. Annie is the movie of the week. The Annie soundtrack is the music of the week.

Arnol's birthday is Thursday. He is asking for beef enchiladas and tres leches cake. Between his love of good food and chocolate making abilities, you could say he is my apprentice.

That's all from Siguatepeque, 14.600 degrees north latitude, 87.833 degrees west longitude.

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re: It's A Dry Heat  by mike rockert on Saturday April 25, 2015

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