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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2006-02-19 21:00:11
Subject: Sunday February 19, 2006

Tomorrow starts the school year in Honduras. The school day starts at 8 AM and goes all the way until 12:45 PM. We are looking forward to some much needed silence as well as to resume schooling our own children. In Honduras, it really pays to know Jim Faber! We have had some great things happen for the boys. Today the boys were "treated" to a free dental exam at the Ministry School in Comayagua. They've enjoyed a couple of visits in the last week by a mission team from Longview, TX. We are also recruiting some help from the locals. Please pray that the Lord will send more "house parents" and other helpers. We also need more housing, but more people are needed to make these boys a part of a family. With nine boys and four of our own, we are just meeting their basic needs. The country is beautiful and our reward (and retirement plan) is eternal.
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