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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2015-05-29 11:21:19
Subject: Choco Quandery

Well we finally did obtain our sanitation license, though it was not exactly a license to sell. Turns out that the license we bought and received was only to allow us to make chocolate, not sell it at will. We can sell it direct to consumer, but not sell it in places such as supermarkets.

In order to sell on a grand scale, we need to obtain a registration number, for each product, each flavor. To do that, we need to pay $350, apply for the number and wait 4-6 months. To clear any confusion, you have to do this for every product you want to sell. So if I want to sell a dark chocolate bar, I need to obtain a $350 permit. To sell our chocolate covered coconut caramel bar, another $350. To sell our chocolate peanut caramel bar, you guessed it, another $350. If I ever decide to alter the recipe, I need to reapply and repay.

We do have permission to sell our chocolate in our own stores, without paying for these registrations. We do not have our own stores. Still, I've often entertained the store idea, at least to build our brand up. We could register a plain dark chocolate bar, which is oddly enough the most popular bar we sell, and sell that on a large scale.

Really, there is little in the way of dark chocolate available in Honduras. I did not think the people here would like it is stronger than what they would be used to. Still, there is a segment out there that drinks black coffee and they are typically the people who prefer dark chocolate, over milk. So the dark chocolate bar could be our flagship product, available nationwide, and for export, while the rest of the things we make could be available on a limited basis, or even in a small kiosk.

So again we have to make a decision, and investment, if we want to expand. Who knew our biggest investment would be in legal work, not in equipment, to produce and sell chocolate?

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