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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2015-06-30 19:22:21
Subject: Willy Wonka Dog and Pony

One of the ministries close to us pretty well has teams every week. They also have a home for children, several of them, a medical/dental clinic, a church and a school. Their name is La Providencia. Misa, Cindy and Daniela go to school there. After a couple of chocolate sales at Jardin de Gracias, hosted by the Fosters, we decided to open it up to more visitors, on our own place.

So last week I threw together a "Google Slide" presentation a couple hours before our first presentation at home. It was a group of ten, adults, so it was pretty interactive, people were not afraid to speak up. At then end we sell chocolate bars and brownie mixes. The presentation explains the "bean to bar" process, and why we do what we do (future jobs, support for local economy, funding for home...). Today, we just finished a presentation for a team of 24.

You all know how extraverted I am, so this presentation that I give gets me all relaxed, charged and energetic. OK, try to think of the exact opposite of the previous sentence and that's how I really feel after finishing.

Nevertheless, it's encouraging. Americans get to sample our chocolate, and they still buy a lot of it. I think we're averaging about $8/person for chocolate. We try to price stuff so that our neighbors can buy it, meaning roughly $1 for a hand made, hand wrapped bar.

It may not sound like a lot of money, but compared to everything else we've done here, it's a fortune...especially since every farming endeavor we've ever pursued has ended up being a loss, and not a small one. In the presentations people invariably ask why we make chocolate. I tell them that we've tried many types of farming, and there is just not enough profit in it to pay for the labor in, revenues comprise 25% of labor cost, at best, and that's minimum wage.

So here we are churning out chocolate about as fast as we can to keep up with team demand, and I am making sales presentations. Who knew?

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