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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2015-07-08 12:46:06
Subject: Week In Review

Well we did get to take the kids to the beach for the first time in a couple years. We started out 7AM Friday Morning, taking advantage of the American holiday schedule, banking on the fact that I would not be needed at work. We got in the van, fired'er up and started down the driveway. We heard a crunch and got out to look. Seeing nothing we thought maybe a rock flew up or something, so we resumed the drive. We turned onto our dirt road and about 40 feet up the road we came to a screeching halt. We got out to look and our front left wheel fell off the axle.

I cannot tell you how many times I've thought that could happen, especially as we're winding around narrow mountain roads. Thankfully, it fell off while we were doing 5mph, not 50. Thing is, this same wheel and axle had been worked on for various reasons three times in the last six months. The local mechanic is cheap, but never thorough. You essentially have to self-diagnose and tell him what to fix. Often we need to return the car to him 2-3 times before he fixes the whole problem.

We borrowed a van and were at the beach by 11AM. The beach was a good break for the kids. The motel was cheap, and that about sums that up the lodging. The kids really liked the pool, which was not chlorinated. If I had a way to review this motel online, I would call it BYOB, where the last B stands for bleach. I bought a couple bottles of bleach and dumped it in the pool at the beginning of each day. It helped, a lot. Unfortunately the motel was visited by a bus load of people each day, effecttively neutralizing the bleach. We are not used to our beach holidays being crowded. We typically go when nobody in their right mind would go, a perfect time for us.

We took several family photos without successfully getting a smile from everyone. This is the best of the lot. I'm not proud, so I'll post it.

Yesterday we hosted another short term team from La Providencia, for a short chocolate presentation. It was successful, but if you can believe it, Hannah suggested that I not talk so long. I know, I'm something of a motor-mouth. So, I cut back my presentation from 23 down to 17 slides, for the next show.


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