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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2016-01-08 12:52:58
Subject: The Year Begins

Well here we are, 2016. Wow, what a year! By that I mean, it's a leap year so we have an extra day, how exciting.

At the moment we are all together in our home, the six pack plus the rowdies. However, we are preparing to send John back for orientation at UT-Austin. He is not happy about having to leave a week before classes begin, but they told him he could not register for classes without going through the big O. Then again, we're very proud of him for working his way into a transfer to a very selective university! John is hoping to get all the classes he needs to cover all of the subjects found on the MCAT, and to begin his applications to medical schools this Summer. He will still have more than a year of school left, but med school has to be applied to a full year before admission.

Along those lines, we have one who will graduate the from the same U this December. Hannah returns to China later this month to finish her intensive Mandarin indoctrination, uhh, immersion. This time she will be going to a city without an international presence, Harbin. Unlike her last Mandarin school in Beijing, there's virtually no reason to accommodate foreigners.  It is another large, industrial city, with even less regard to air quality than Beijing. Harbin is in northern China, about equidistant to Mongolia, Russia and North Korea. Sounds like paradise, right?

We would like to be with Hannah for her graduation this coming December, all five of us.  However, we do not want to leave the children here without adequate, loving supervision. So here is the request, up on the radar with plenty of time for planning. We expect that the ceremony will be the first full weekend of December, so it should not mess up any holiday plans. Optimally, it would be someone who has spent time here before with the kids, and maybe another helper. A week would be good, two would be better.


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