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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2016-02-10 10:28:54
Subject: Falling Behind in the Polls

The campaign is in full swing and we are in total command of last place. OK, how did we get to this lowly position?

This morning a neighbor walked up and asked Eli to speak with me. She is a woman in her 50's, married to one of the more successful farmers in the area. By successful I mean that he has three adobe homes, a few acres of coffee and a 70's model Ford truck.

The woman told me that yesterday our cows got into their farm and ate their crop of beans. I do not have the most ethical herd, so her story was not unbelievable. I then asked the boys if they or our farmer, Carlos, had put the cows back in our property. They said they did not, but then they went to fetch Carlos to see what he said.

For five long minutes we waited quietly for the boys and Carlos to return. She would break the silence with comments about the beans being "bien bonito" (very pretty) before the cows wiped them out. Finally Carlos returned.

Carlos said that he had not put our cows back into our fences. He also said none of the fences were broken. In other words, the cows would have had to jump the fence to get out, then jump their way back in.

It is rare that our cows will jump a fence to get to food, but it is unheard of for them to jump back in. We always have to round them up and herd them back into our front gate.

Meanwhile other neighbors are harvesting corn while their cows are on the loose. Their cows eat whatever the tractor fails to collect. Their cows have been loose for a few weeks.

I suggested that the cows probably belonged to our neighbors and even pointed to the same cows that were free ranging. She said that her husband saw our cows eating their beans, not the neighbors'. In classic Honduran fashion I asked if they had pictures of the cows in the act. We have been asked for such proof when we saw some of the neighbor's dogs running away after killing our goats. She said no, but her husband knew our cows.

This was going nowhere and I had to get back to my job. I just asked her how much it would cost to pay for the damage done by our neighbor's cows? I told her I would pay for the damage they did, but that I had to get back to work, to name a price and give it to our boys. She kept stating that it was our cows. I told her I would take the blame for our neighbors' cows, but I had to return to work. I left her, the farmer, Arnold and Rey and closed the door behind me.

So you see, I have all but lost the 2016 neighbor of the year award and we're barely into the second month.

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