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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2016-04-03 21:40:18
Subject: Thinking

 Today I was thinking about something (shocking, right?).  In a previous journal I wrote, "We usually have enough drama for you to pray about without adding mine, but I need your prayers."  

The sentence troubled me after I posted it, but since I am not the computer programmer around here, it was sent and sent it was.  I asked myself a few questions about what I typed and I asked God. Whereas the enemy would have loved for me to bludgeon myself, I knew that was not where my sentence was headed.  There was a legitimate thought behind it.  

It has to do with relationship.  When I know someone and that someone knows me, I don't have an issue asking for prayer for myself.  With my tribe, I can ask for prayer.  But, in this blessed online world, I often think............who reading this really knows me? For some that read this, it has been years since we have been able to sit and visit and share about our lives.  For others, you may have never met me or shared a time of conversation with me.   Many of you only know me from our time in Honduras.  And therein lies my issue.  I have a hard time asking for prayer when I don't know what your prayer needs, normal life, and your normal days are.  And you don't know my normal days - mainly you hear or see our drama days!  Get it?  My kids have used the term "living in a fishbowl" to describe our lives here at times.  Maybe that is how I feel.  I share and ask you for things, but you don't get to do that with me.   So I guess that means that I am not a blogger, I am a conversation-er.  

Probably I needed to process this thought.  Thanks for listening. 



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