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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2016-06-02 09:48:50
Subject: This morning's walk

I usually leave about 5 -10 minutes before Mark and Misael on the walk to the bus stop in the morning.  I am slower and I have a nagging thought that I will cause the kids to miss the bus.  About halfway into the walk, Mark and Misael pass us girls.  This morning I was later so they passed us earlier on and I noticed some things as they walked.  

Mark and Misael truly like Weird Al.  Whereas I think Weird Al is weird, it seems to be one of Mark and Misael's happy place.  They were listening to Amish Paradise as they walked.  Mark and Misael were grinning, almost laughing the entire time.  

Misael loves to hold Mark's hand.  Misael's hand is so small and thin, Mark's hand is so big and strong.  Misael loves that.  He feels secure in Mark's care.   Of course that is when my tears started.  

Misael would look up to Mark's face and I would see the sad eyes that Misael sometimes has, brighten and become lighter.  He feels joy with Mark because I believe that he knows he belongs with Mark.  I saw insecurities fall away.  

Mark and Misael walk a lot faster than myself, Daniela and Cindy.  Mark's body is practically toting happy Misa along.  

I love Mark and Misael.  

Happy day, 




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