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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2016-10-13 17:46:52
Subject: Sheep


Thanks to a recent fundraiser at Valley Church in Grand Junction, Colorado, we were able to make a purchase of sheep from the local seminary. The sheep above are all adults, except for one young ram that we bought locally a couple of months ago. The ewes are all pregnant and expecting within a few weeks. From what we've read and been told, the ewes could produce one or two lambs each.

So I've officially lost my license to ranch in Texas, where lamb is four letter word. Contrary to Texas, we actually do want these sheep to eat the grass down to the nub. If it works out, we won't be spending hours daily on the weed eater, and making constant repairs.

In bigger news, we welcome Job Gamez and his wife Adria to the farm. They are living in the little house built about six years ago by Dave Hill and his mission team. Both have university degrees in agriculture. They are going to spend half their days transforming the farm to productivity, and the other half in outside ministry. They are a very busy couple.

We are blessed. Thanks be to the Father who cares for all of our needs.

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