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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2017-01-18 07:33:06
Subject: New Year

It's been awhile since my last post. I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoy having all of your children under one roof, in the same continent, in the same country. Now Hannah is heading to DC, as in, she drove away from Austin at 5 AM, and Faith and John are back in Austin receiving some higher ed.

Reality is settling back in here as I walked past our daughters room two mornings in a row without seeing either of our beautiful girls in there. Timothy is also very pensive without his siblings. When asked why he was so quiet he said he was thinking about Hannah, John and Faith.

So, we are back on, rolling along. Paula is teaching full speed ahead, in spite of a wicked staph infection. Me? I'm floundering at the keyboard 9-5 and grateful for such a blessed life. I am not sure that the children here realize how much the Lord has done for all of us, but I am certain it will set in one day.

Arnold is doing well in his studies at home and now performing more advanced math in 10th grade than he would ever encounter at the public high school. This is key for him as it is the most important subject for his goal of becoming an air force pilot. I know he will kill that entrance exam!

The sheep are still frantically mowing the lawn and we've not touched that unreliable, expensive weed eater in three months. We also have installed chain link fence around the entire three acre front yard to keep the sheep in. I need to go buy additional chain link fencing this week to continue with the next couple of acres behind the old house.

I just want to thank everyone who supports us here. Sometimes I let things get to me here, but this place feels more like home than any area I've ever lived in. I am thankful for Paula, my God-extended family, my home, my job and our good friends. Most of all, I am thankful to my Lord whom I could never repay.

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