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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2017-03-11 11:40:56
Subject: Teams

Well Glory,

Paula started her morning off today by arriving at the airport at 4 AM for a domestic flight from Dallas to Austin that left at 6:44 AM. It should have been ample time, but the airport was a bit inundated by Spring Break travel. Still, she should have had plenty of time to make her flight.


She arrived at the American Airlines check-in area to find herself behind a couple of mission teams of 30+ passengers. The team had some difficulties with the check-in kiosks, resulting in the machines breaking down. The two ticket agents were overwhelmed trying to get everyone checked in. They moved Paula and others to various lines, back and forth, causing some delays. Paula asked the team if she could go ahead since she was alone, but she was denied.

After Paula got her ticket she went directly to the security line, which of course was where the mission teams were waiting. Realizing that she was already late for boarding time, Paula again asked if she could go through. The team again said no and one woman quipped "If you had shown up on time like we did, you would not be late for your flight".

Paula arrived at the gate about eight minutes before departure time. Unfortunately the doors were closed and her seat was given to a standby passenger. They gave her a seat on a flight that was leaving two hours later. That's not too bad, but she is going to have to drive 22 hours straight once she arrives in Austin, to take Faith and John to see Hannah in Washington DC.

Missionaries have all been tempted to deal with people as if we were entitled. After all, we are going to help others, so why shouldn't people treat us well? Yeah, stop right there. That is so prideful that it completely hoses down whatever witness we were hoping to convey.

At least, don't blow your blessing before you even board the plane.

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