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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2017-03-27 09:52:28
Subject: Wheels of Destruction and Amazing Grace

Well, I'm glad, super thankful to be alive and well this morning, and everyone travelling with me on the way back from the airport. We're also thankful that some strangers were also unharmed, by a loose wheel...

Yes, once again we lost a wheel while driving. There were a few differences this time:

  • We were driving the truck, not the van
  • We were traveling 50mph on the highway, not 5mph on a dirt road
  • The wheel hit an oncoming SUV and was hurled into the river, 300 foot below, under the bridge, rather than being entrapped under the body.

So we've learned some valuable lessons about this little mishap:

  • We now know which mechanic to avoid, as he was the only common thread among our four wheel losses,, including one projectile
  • A wheel travelling 50 mph in a southerly direction which collides with an SUV travelling 50 mpg in a northerly direction can cause some serious damage, to the tune of $2000
  • God answers prayers     
    • I knew the wheel was not doing well about halfway to the airport.
    • I knew it was possible we would lose it
    • My prayer was that nobody would be hurt, answered.
    • God is with us, even when it seems the rest of the world is not

So as you're travelling down the freeway with the three wheels, try and practice some grace if someone starts belting out:



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re: Wheels of Destruction and Amazing Grace  by Jake Karam on Saturday April 01, 2017

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