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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2017-04-26 19:45:02
Subject: New Stuff

 Well we've had a few updates since the flying wheel of destruction, and none of the updates injured anyone or destroyed cars...

Born today:

New yard for the sheep:

New gate to the back:

New grass/hay for the cows and sheep:


New hams:


New tree locations:

New tree hole:


On the last note, we are investing heavily in our financial future. These new tree holes cost an average $7.75 to dig, based on how many holes a backhoe can make in an hour, and the hourly rate to rent the backhoe. Right now they are digging in very rocky soil, but we will be getting to the easy stuff eventually. This area was once home to many pine trees, so we know that trees will grow here. Also, Job has a degree in forestry and will be enriching the soil for rapid tree growth.

We will be planting teak and mahogany. Job tells me that a mature tree, beginning at 15 years, is worth $850+. We have room to plant about 500 of these on our property. Right now it is slow going because we are trying to come up with cash to rent the tractor at the same time we are trying to replace our 20 year old "wheels of destruction" truck. We borrowed money to buy a used truck from a missionary family that is leaving next month. The "new" truck is a 2007 Ford Ranger, diesel, at a cost of $8500. Cars come at a premium down here due to a minimum 30% import tax.

So I'm just going to throw this out there. Some of the local ministries here do a very valuable Kingdom work of teaching impoverished children. For these schools, the missionaries seek funding for education by asking people to sponsor a child. What I would like to do is ask for donors to sponsor a tree. By my calculation we need just over $4500 to dig, fertilize and plant 450 trees. 

The workers also work on these holes daily, but the cost of a worker digging a hole is roughly double what we pay the backhoe.

Given that we had to take a 10+ year break saving for retirement when we moved here, I would like to get these trees planted so that we can fund this home and our grocery bill when I turn 65...which incidentally is right at 15 years from now, minus a week or two.

So there it is. We treated you to some nice, wholesome, farm photos. I made my pitch. If you'd like to adopt a tree, or 10, or 100, just multiply the number of trees you'd like to see by $10 and get it to us in the usual way, or via Paypal.

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