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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2017-09-28 12:08:47
Subject: Medical School

Thank you for your prayers. Despite John being in pain for the last portion of the MCAT (medical school admissions test), he scored in the top third. This and his grades should get his foot in the door at various medical schools where he will need to be interviewed. He is busy applying, sending transcripts, scores, essays, letters of recommendation, taking university classes and had his first rehab this week. Faith is taking a full class load and driving her brother when needed.

I held off for a day on relaying this news so as not to brag. What can I say? I married an awesome teacher. :-)

Please continue praying for John's recovery, and sealing the deal on medical school admission. He has a lot to offer the medical world and we believe this is God's call on his life.


Mark C.

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re: Medical School  by Lauren R on Thursday September 28, 2017

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