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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2017-12-01 16:08:54
Subject: Riots and Looting

The Honduran elections happened on Sunday. The presidential office and entire Congress were up for grabs. Turns out the left leaning political party "Anti-Corruption Party" is not liking the outcome, possibly with good reason. Riots and looting are happening nationwide and have come to our small town. Highways to the airports are blocked by mobs and burning tires. The Anti-Corruption Party is threatening civil war if they do not win office. Grocery stores and banks have shut down as buildings are being looted and destroyed. One of the bank offices, the bank chain we use, was overrun by looters. The local municipal office was burnt by arsonists last night.

Yeah, it ain't looking good. Paula was reading that they plan on cutting electricity nationwide tonight, so I'm not sure when we'll have communication next.

Please pray for Honduras.

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re: Riots and Looting  by mike on Friday December 01, 2017
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